Housework tips for hermits

By | July 13, 2018

In recent years, there’s been a surge of acclaim for introverts. Something that was once considered a mental illness listed in the DSM (Diagnostics and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) is now deemed a valid and valuable character trait, with many celebrities, socialites, and ‘obvious extroverts’ now co-opting the label. It may have coincided with the number of people now working from home and running online businesses.

Of course not all remote workers are introverts. Yes, some of us choose this business model because it allows to work on our own, in quiet spaces, unmolested by crowds and loud energies … (and wear pyjamas all day). Others opt for the home office to spend more time with young kids, elderly parents, or differently-abled relatives. Online businesses help them look after their domestic responsibilities while still earning income.

Work around the world

And then there’s the class of online business people that are extremely extroverted and steeped in wanderlust. They want the kind of job that lets them travel and pays for their trips. That’s all possible thanks to portable computers and the internet. Still, whatever drove you to work from home, there’s one pet peeve we share – domestic hygiene. Working in your house can seem fun and flexible, but you still have deadlines, and even though you’re home all day, it can be hard to keep up with your chores.

When you work in an offsite office, you can schedule weekends of off-days for housework, or you can bring in a weekly cleaning crew. Carpet cleaners Livermore Ca, are more than willing to provide this service for you. But when you’ve barely left home, you may feel uneasy about outsourcing your house cleaning. Also, depending on the type of online business you run, you’re probably on a fluctuating income curve, so you avoid unnecessary spending.

Pay per clean

In truth, commercial cleaning isn’t a waste. Working in a hygienic home keeps you productive and focused, which helps you earn more money. It takes the stress of cleaning off your shoulders. Call in your cleaners once a week, then use some quick tips and tricks to keep your home spotless between visits. For example, a messy home looks dirty even if the floors are clean enough to eat off. So whenever you need a break from work, stroll through your rooms, tidying up as you go.

If any cushions are on the floor or books are lying around, put them in their proper places. If you have boisterous young kids, buy stylish storage containers and place them strategically around the house so you can toss in stray toys as you pass. Collect any abandoned dishes and load the dishwasher. Get a vacuum robot for dust, surface dirt, and pet dander. In extreme cases – especially if you live alone – consider disposable plates, cups, and cutlery made from recycled materials. That way you only have to wash your pots and pans.

Working from home is great, but you might be too busy for chores. Outsource to a cleaning service to keep your house clean, the easy way.

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