How much does it cost to open a bakery?

By | June 26, 2018

Now let’s move on to a general reasoning on the cost aspect of starting a bakery : in case you go to take over an existing business, the price that is asked by the seller must be carefully evaluated.

If it appears to be too low, it is clear that most likely it is trying to get rid of its business, either because it is in debt or because it does not consider it more productive.

In that case we must consider whether there really is the possibility of developing it and making it grow or if it is a lost battle.

In the hypothesis of starting from scratch , the costs vary depending on the machines you buy: it is worth looking for them on the used market where, above all in these times, you can make good deals.

The rental fee , of course, is variable and can not be quantified in advance: it is clear that the resale requires a central location while the laboratory, it is not built for resale, may also be located in a more remote from the center spot, with a lower monthly cost.

Can you start a bakery without money?

Start a bakery has costs, needless to turn around: clearly they vary depending on the place, the machinery that you use, the choice of starting from scratch or detect an existing business.

We have already seen, however, in the post dedicated to the opening of a bar at no costthat, albeit narrow, the low cost road is possible. And the speech presented here can, in all likelihood, fit perfectly even for the hypothesis we are examining now.

Start a bakery without investing money or otherwise spending little does not circumvent the management costs in any case: any rent, utilities, social security contributions and various taxes can never be eliminated.

With a series of precautions, however, you can save money in the opening of the new activity:

  • carry out the work autonomously : generally when you enter a room you need work. Doing it for yourself without commissioning a company can be useful for spending less, paying only for raw materials;
  • buy used machinery : it’s a bad thing, many activities are closing. Owners may need to get rid of equipment and monetize. Sometimes with cheap prices there are valid and working machines: a look at ad sites like can serve to get an idea;
  • to make an agreement with a shareholder of capital : in this case it would be him to bring out the money while the entrepreneur will have the job. Maybe a friend who already has a job could have a nest egg to invest;
  • detect an existing bakery : it may happen that the bakery in your neighborhood wants to close. Buying an oven has costs but in some situations it is possible to reach an agreement with the seller, especially if the market conditions are not very favorable. He could accept the payment of a management fee with the pact, for example, that he can return the asset in case of non-payment. In this case it is necessary to carry out a careful analysis and to understand if the sale activity is re-launchable or not.

Should a bakery be opened without investing money?

As we have seen, it is very difficult but not impossible.

On the convenience the argument is broader: if the activity is able to generate wealth it is certainly a bargain that helps to return from the disbursement in a much faster time.

But the elixir of success does not exist and the feasibility of a hypothesis is the result of a personal and contextualized evaluation.

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