How to Open a Bakery: Can You Do Without Money? It should?

By | June 26, 2018

The baker is one of the oldest crafts in the world and is a real art. There are many who wonder how to open a bakery  and especially if it is appropriate to  undertake this type of business.

In fact, we must carefully evaluate the costs and what is needed to start with the new activity , observing the bureaucratic aspects to be followed and the future prospects reserved for this type of profession.

Is it possible to do it without experience ? Can you start a bakery without money ? From a legal point of view, even if, being an essentially artisanal work, it is advisable to learn the trade well perhaps working at another bakery , acquiring from the baker all the tricks of the trade.

In this article we talk about:

Step number one: bureaucracy

Let’s start from the bureaucracy. To open a bakery  basically need the usual practices that serve to start any company: communication to the Chamber of Commerce, obtaining the various permits from the local authority responsible for the territory and by the Fire Brigade, to support and complete the Hccp course.

It is then necessary to open the Inps and Inail positions of the employees and, obviously, open the VAT number . The guide you just linked, from this point of view, can help you to get an idea of ​​how much you will have to spend annually to manage only the fiscal aspects.

Step number two: how to start the activity in practice 

There are two roads that open: take over an existing business or  open a bakery from scratch .

In the first case it is necessary to understand why whoever sells it wants to sell: therefore, take a look at turnover, try to understand if the business is falling (for example: competition has increased) and if the company can be readapted, transformed or innovated.

In the second case, however, you need to open a bakery from scratch and then there are more things to do: find a room, install the machines and locate a store to use as a point of sale.

The market analysis here must be more careful: it is essential to evaluate if there are similar activities, if they are strong and if it is possible to enter and be competitive.

In both hypotheses a general council can be worthwhile: be innovative , try to create something new that will enrich the activity as statically conceived.

In some cities the bakeries-pasta factories that also produce pasta have spread, or the bar-bakeries that allow customers to consume coffee or pastry products: in this case it is worth to bet on a very qualified baker if it is not intends to start the business.

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