#trending: Bakery Trends of 2020

By | February 3, 2020

As with everything, the bakery business has trends. These trends vary from year to year and make for some creative excitement. This year, in 2020, the trends are as wonderful as ever.


What are they, you ask? Well, here are a few of the most popular bakery trends this year.

Rose colored chocolate.

Ruby chocolate or “rose colored chocolate” is known by many bakers as being the fourth kind of chocolate. It’s not quite dark, white, or milk chocolate and has a distinct rosy tint to it.

Its taste is intense and vaguely fruity with a hint of sourness, making it stand out from the traditional cocoa-flavored chocolates we’re used to. It comes in a variety of shades ranging from dark red to light, baby pink and barely tinted.

This variety of chocolate looks great on desserts and we expect it to keep trending for a while. It’ll also more than likely become incredibly popular around Valentine’s Day.

Sour is sweet.

While traditional cakes and other bakery items are generally sweet, sour and savory are making their way onto the scene this year. More and more bakeries are adopting tart citrus flavors, savory spiced cakes, and sour cream icings.

A few of the flavors we can expect to see this year include pomegranate, sour orange, and rhubarb, as well as a variety of spice blends.

No gluten.

Again, generally associated with sweet treats, is gluten. Today, there is an overwhelmingly large number of people allergic or intolerant to gluten.

As a result, one of this year’s bakery trends is treats with no gluten. You can find breads, cakes, cookies, and all sorts of treats that are gluten-free.

Miniature treats.

As the modern world evolves, things like smartphones and sweet treats are getting smaller. In bakeries, this isn’t any different.

In the windows of many bakeries you’ll see miniature versions of your favorite sweets; pies, cakes, and tarts galore. These treats are good for on the go, for trying new varieties of your go-to sweets, and for serving to guests and loved ones.

The best part, though? You can have more than one!

Remixing the originals.

Creativity is endless in the bakery industry- especially this year. Trending the entire year, remixing the most beloved treats and confections is a popular pastime for bakers all over the world.

A lemon meringue pie? Try a lemon meringue pie with toasted poppy-seeds and fresh whipped cream.

Open and honest with ingredients.

Another thing that today’s generation appreciates is transparency. For bakeries, this means giving customers unedited, raw ingredient information about their favorite treats.

Going along with this, the trend is to not only give the ingredients list but to also attempt to use as few ingredients as possible – especially unnatural, genetically modified ingredients.

These are known as “single ingredient” treats and they’re a hot commodity.

Which bakery trend are you into this year? Are there any we missed?

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